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Our motto is as short as it is true: we make fun. Period. For more than twenty years, De Schoenfabriek has been making every event a unique experience with creative thinkers and rock-solid customization. We work with a small team of very experienced people who have 'festivals' printed into their DNA. For years, our relaxed, flexible attitude has been praised by festival organisations such as Zwarte Cross, Paaspop, the Nijmegen Vierdaagsefeesten and organizations including Radboud University and the province of Gelderland.

Street theatre acts

Expect the unexpected. On stage, in a tent or among the audience - through De Schoenfabriek you can easily book high-profile acts that amaze, disrupt and everything in between. You can book individual acts through us, but we also take care of the full programming of an area, tent or entire festival (including production if necessary). We program all types of street theatre, including music theatre, dance, circus, interactive (playful) objects (visual arts). 

Concept development

Visitors need to feel an event. A good event concept arises in the head and even more so in the heart. Thanks to our many years of experience and creative thinking power, we can provide a distinctive interpretation for a wide range of events - from festivals, company parties / corporate events to brand activations.

Festival organisation

As a producer, De Schoenfabriek takes care of everything in the field of concept, organisation, catering, planning, marketing, everything… We are in charge, so you have nothing to worry about. For every question, large or small, we provide an effective and often humorous solution, whereby we like to explore the boundaries of art and culture.

Event producer 

As an event producer, De Schoenfabriek is completely at home in the world of permits, drawing floor plans, organizing personnel, construction and demolition teams and security. In short, everything that is involved in running your event as efficiently as possible. (In the field of event production,) creative thinking in solutions that are fun and workable is at the top of our list of priorities.

Curious about what De Schoenfabriek can do for your event? Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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